Work with Us

At First Texas Title, we pride ourselves in our quick turnaround time for title commitments and title evidence. Our typical turnaround time is one week, although we often have it completed sooner. If you have a transaction that requires a quicker turnaround, let us know and we will work with you to ensure that even the most demanding of timelines are met for residential closing in Abilene, Texas, and commercial closing in Abilene, Texas.

Speed is not the only goal at First Texas Title; we strive to provide accurate, error-free, easy-to-read commitments. Our abstract plants have been the longest standing and most relied upon abstract plants in each county where we are licensed. All of our abstract plants and every title examination in Abilene, Texas, go back to sovereignty.

In providing title evidence to other title companies, we generally try to adhere to procedural rule P-24, and we are always glad to enter into P-24 agreements with other title companies.

In addition to providing title evidence, we also will assist you in obtaining copies of documents from County records. In larger commercial transactions, we also will assist you with recording documents at your direction and returning to you evidence of recording the same day.